Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Rising Star Songwriting Competition Semi-Finalist

Since moving back into the Nashville area I have started working my way around the bustling and abundant songwriters circuit... One of the competitions I entered is a local competition called "Rising Star
hosted by Puckett's Grocery, a nice restaurant/pub/venue. I was allowed one song and so I decided to perform "Shelter From the Rain" from my Small Town Album. At the end of the night I had won the "Audience Favorite" award (out of 13 writers) and am now on to the semifinal round (2 songs) on Tuesday, March 5.  

Location:  Pucketts Grocery, 120 4'th Ave South. in Franklin, Tennessee. Starts at 7pm. This will sell out, and so please call and reserve your table today! I am in it to win it. More details here.