Friday, June 29, 2012

City of Angels...

It's been said that Los Angeles is the Land of Make Believe, but so far this city has made me believe. It's amazing here, friends, with celebrities and beautiful souls lending their huge-hearted support to our quest of labeling GMOs.

Are you feeling the love we're sending out to you? Come see us...we can make you believe, too.

With thanks to the wonderful Jovan Rameau, Hollywood's own Michael Jackson.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

More From The Road one said life on the road was easy, but we finally got a day off today!

We’ve had some epic journeys since the last post. We played at an Ayurvedic Center in Sebastopol, we were the fire keepers at an annual gathering in Marin for the fourth year in a row, and then we rode down to Oakland for another gig and a fun night with the Sustainable Living Roadshow. And just last night, we raged the Live Oak Grange here in Santa Cruz! My voice is enjoying not talking today! As you read this, we're getting reading for our next big trip down to the Southlands for our next gig in LA on Tuesday.

Thanks for checking in, y’all. It’s been a grand journey and it ain’t over yet!

Oh yeah, and did I mention LABEL GMOs?

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Another Day...

So it's been a minute since we checked in…life on the road sometimes requires our full attention. Also, our CEOs are one and nine years old and sometimes have special needs! Things are good. I pretty much sum it all up in the videos so I hope you check those out.

We had a couple days to let open our hearts at a peaceful gathering of beautiful people in Northern California. Now we are on our way to Sebastopol to play tonight at the Dhyana Center downtown Sebastopol. Tomorrow we're headed to Solstice Grove to take care of the fire. Oakland and Santa Cruz are coming this weekend.

With love and gratitude…

Check out this video for more information about GMOs.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Day Two

What a day! You can hear all about it in today's v-log...

We started off the day with smoothies made of fresh strawberries and mulberries from our host’s garden. After hours of computer and logistical work and a few hitches here and there, we found ourselves down at the South Yuba River. We swam and took in some natural energy, and let go of all the computer stuff!

Then it was time to make our way to our second gig on the Yes On Labeling Tour, in Grass Valley, CA. The venue was the Unitarian Universalist Church. We were joined by our artist friend Chula from Viva La Milpa, and Marsea, our awesome farmer friend who served up a 100% homegrown organic food feast. Shakina Ma opened the show with her sweet, earthy folk music, and then Pamm Larry, founder of Label GMOs, motivated everyone to do their part to help get this initiative passed.

Finally it was time for The Human Revolution, which at this point is just Skijah Indigo and myself. We got the people moving and screaming! As I looked around the room, I recognized many of our old friends as well as some new ones, and people were dancing and having a good time. I think we definitely raised the level of awareness and hopefully motivated some folks to tune in to the campaign and really get this thing going!

Today we are en route to the Coyote Festival at Summer Lake Hot Springs where we will be performing Friday evening. We're really looking forward to reaching the folks there and also enjoying some time in the hot springs. More to come from the road! Stay tuned!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Day One

Well, we wanted to get an early start, but sometimes things just don’t happen the way you plan. And anyway, it doesn't really matter when a beginning comes...just that it comes.

I had the wonderful opportunity of driving our wondrous gypsy wagon we call Maeve. She's a big ole gal, and at first it was hard to keep her in the lines, but I figured her out!

We put over 100 gallons of biodiesel into her today, filling up once in LA and then again in Sacramento. We shared dinner at the Sacramento Natural Foods Coop, and took a late night drive through the Sierras to our destination in Nevada City a crazy old gold town and former home of populist folk singer U.Utah Phillips.

I'm excited about our gig tomorrow in Grass Valley. Even though it definitely has its share of ganja farms, it was actually named that because I believe it was actually once a grassy valley.

Here's a video Jason shot today...

More to come from the road...

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Getting Ready To Roll

And we're off! Over a month of phone calls, emails, tears, and deep breaths went into booking this tour, and we are finally getting ready to embark. After a bit of a vehicle saga, we finally ended up putting a down payment on this 1991 Allegro Bay Biodiesel Gypsy Wagon! It's cool, right? We're excited to add our logo and spirit to the exterior, but that's gonna have to wait until later; for now, the magic of The Human Revolution will live on the inside!

Our first show was the One Love Festival in the hills of Malibu, which was an awesome way to start it all off. Breathtaking, honestly. The views, the people, the vibe, and the electric currents of change in the was epic. Incredibly epic.

We picked up our videographer/photographer Jason Taylor at the airport before the show, and he took some incredible shots. This is our beginning, friends! You'll definitely see more of Jason's photos as the tour rolls on! 

Yesterday we harvested a box of avocados, and I felt a real sense of a fresh beginning afterwards. As I sit here and type, the engine just started; it feels like we're on our way to someplace pretty wonderful. Join us, will you?

This journey of ours across California and Oregon to inspire the masses to vote YES on Labeling GMOs won't be nearly as powerful without you. So check in often. We'll be leaving you notes and adding to our day-to-day journal so that you can feel like you're alongside us...until you can get here yourself!

Can't wait to see you on the road.