Friday, January 25, 2013

Upcoming Concerts and Farm to Table Dinners in Asheville, NC

2 Shows with Farm to Table Dinners: Saturday, Feb 23 and Sunday, Feb 24 in Asheville, NC
Saturday at the Masonic Temple Theatre
with The Ngoni Band, and DJ Obadayo

SUNDAY will be at Homewood Mansion
with Youssoupha Sidibe and DJ Obadayo


Thursday, January 10, 2013

Two New Album Releases!

Woven Music: Sacred Earth Songs Volume 1.  features tracks from some of the hottest musicians in the West Coast's Mystic Underground including: Freedom, Shimshai, Tina Malia, Wisdom, +Elijah-, Manaka, Becky White and the Secret Mission, Jah Levi, Blane Lyon, Hamsa Lila, Amae, Fantuzzi, Viola Rose, Arjun and Guardians, and  The Human Revolution. All the artists involved share a desire to walk lightly on the Earth, and create peace in Humanity. The songs were chosen based on content, audio quality, and flow.  If you like any of the artists listed above, check this album out and you are sure to find some new favorites. Click Here to Listen and Purchase  

Rainshadow was written in 2001 and was co-produced by my friend David Mayfield of the David Mayfield Parade. It has 8 fully produced tracks of original tunes, some of which we still play live to this day. Featuring: David Mayfield, MC Translation, Tim Prior, Pom Fountain, Jason Chicatelli,  Matthew S. Donowick, and others.
Click Here to Listen and Purchase (scroll to the bottom)

May Peace Grow Roots in 2013!!!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

New Video- Tree of Life LIVE in Ashland, OR

Howdy Family and Happy New Era! I will be posting about my experience at Chichen Itza for the solstice momentarily, but in the meantime, here's a new video produced by our local hemp activist Aiko featuring our Pro-Hemp song Tree of Life. This was recorded at Jackson Wellsprings on November 28, 2012... with Jeff Pevar, Maesyn, Anton Mizerak, Sam Frey, and Michael Saint John in the lineup. Enjoy and feel free to pass it on! Lets re-legalize the most useful plant on Earth this year!