Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Bright Shiny People...

It is always an incredible journey meeting the bright shiny people in the southlands. We wanna thank the folks at The Mint, Grateful Fridays, and John and the crew down in Huntington Beach. Check out some of the video here to see the beautiful places we were able to experience.

Highlights included swimming in Santa Monica in a perfect temperature ocean, and also getting some new hemp shirts from Vital Hemp. Huntington Sunset and fireside was pretty spectacular as well. Everywhere we went we flew the Yes on Labeling banner and got people excited about educating others and getting involved.

After a long day of biodiesel stations and bumpy roads, we have returned to the northlands and are greatly anticipating our Interdependence Day gathering here at Frey Organic Vineyards, the first ever certified organic vineyard in the US.

Evolutionary Fourth, less than 24-hours away.