Thursday, September 20, 2012

Isness Documenatries

Scott Franklin Manning, a producer/partner of The Human Revolution has been on a mission this summer to document every event he attends, and he has thus far been successful! Armed only with an iphone, travelling in a biodiesel van, and using imovie to edit his adventures, he has followed The Human Revolution at The Mystic Garden Gathering- iMystic- of which he has posted 3 hours of hi-def footage, The Seattle Hempfest- iHemp- which is up now in two parts, and The National Heirloom Expo- iGrow- which is also up in two parts, including two separate music videos of our songs Tree of Life, and Clean Food/Monsanto (Go Away!). He has additionally shot a variety of other gatherings including Gaia Festival- iGaia, Lazy Summer Days- iDaze, Beloved Music Festival- iTruth, a private gathering in So Oregon- iGod- Harbin Hot Springs- iSoak- and a piece on democracy- iVote. This man has been busy! If u are just sitting online looking for something interesting, this is hours and hours of fun and high-quality footage by our bro who is funny, highly critical, and adventurous! Enjoy part two of the iHemp below.
View all the films at: